The Awake ‘O’ Zion Ministry was begun in the year 1998 according to the purpose and will of the Lord.

Pastor Henry Gnanamanickam and Sister Leena Grace were married in 1997. They are blessed with two daughters, Keziah and Glory. They were members of the Indian Pentecostal Assemblies Fellowship, Coimbatore, South India. They were both Evangelists when they got married. Ps.Henry was a businessman earlier and was involved in ministry part time whereas Sis.Leena was in full time ministry right from 1983.

According to the Lord’s Word on 21st Sept. 2001, Ps.Henry came into full time ministry and has since been glorifying the name of the LORD. Now according to His word, the Lord has been taking them around the world and to places within the country to minister His word and many people are being blessed. They both move in Gift of Prophecy. The Lord has healed her miraculously from a skin sickness. She has written books in Tamil and has been invited as a speaker in women’s seminars at Singapore and Malaysia.

They have released many CDs and DVDs, expounding God’s word.

Ps.Henry and Sis.Leena are being invited to minister in many parts of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. God has opened the doors for His ministry in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Sharjah, Dubai, New Zealand, the UK, Canada and more recently in Ireland. In 2004, the Lord asked them to construct a Prayer Tower in their home town (Urrumandampalayam, in Coimbatore, India) and according to His promise they were able to complete construction in Sept. 2005. In the beginning, they had weekly fasting & prayer meetings. A prayer warrior was also appointed to receive prayer requests daily from 10am to 5pm to intercede for the people.

In 2007, the Lord revealed that they will have a Church to lead, as a part of their ministry. The Lord promised that He will establish the Church, anoint Pastor Henry with a Pastoral Anointing and take care of His sheep. By God’s grace, the first service was conducted on 27th Oct. 2007. By His grace, from a humble beginning the church has grown big now. It has two branch churches, one at Tuticorin and another at Sowripalayam village, Coimbatore, The LORD has further opened doors for outreach ministry at Kotagiri, Nilgiris. Apart from the above, almost 18 care cell / cottage prayer meetings are held every month in homes, in an effort to reach out to the unsaved. The LORD has chosen and anointed 20 (as) ministers from the families of believers evidencing the spiritual growth of the church. And out of these 20, the LORD has sent two to Australia according to His greater purpose. The ways of the LORD has proved without doubt that the church is growing beyond borders.

Presently two services are held every Sunday morning at the main church. The first service is in English and the second service is in Tamil. Tamil services are conducted at the branch churches in the evening on Sundays. Apart from the above, Hospital ministry on 3rd Sunday evenings and orphanage visit once in every three or four months are conducted. Annual church camps for about two or three days are scheduled in such a way that the children too do not miss the time spent with God in His presence.